San Diego is a great town for meeting guys: military dudes, frat boys, skaters, surfers, and the guy next door. Real amateur straight guys, their first time on camera, showing off the stuff that only their girlfriends have seen before.

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A fountain of cum erupted from Charlie's cock that flew up to his neck: 10 squirts left his chest and stomach dripping. See More...

added 12 Sep 14

Blowing Hugh

Hugh's head rolled back, mouth wide open in ecstasy, as I went between rimming him and teasing his ass with my finger. See More...

added 5 Sep 14

Baird: qwicky

Baird shed his cammies and before long, was perched on the side of the jacuzzi, stroking away his pent-up stress. See More...

added 2 Sep 14

Seth O'Malley's massage

Seth let out one final gasp and cum spurted out, covering his ginger happy trail and pubes. See More...

added 29 Aug 14


The harder Andy got, the more pronounced the curve in his cock got; the head of it flared up like a red, pulsating mushroom cap. See More...

added 22 Aug 14

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28 Feb 14

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14 Mar 14

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