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Brantley was slow to come back around after his massage scene. Even though he'd already made the "mental leap" of getting his dick sucked by a guy, doing it again, this time with his eyes wide open, seemed like another hurdle for him. By now, you guys all know the formula as well as I do: Cash + Horny = Go Time. And I had the cameras ready in a heartbeat when Brantley got in touch.

Apparently, Brantley's cock was ready to go in a heartbeat, too. He showed up with a pitched tent in his jeans. Once his pants were peeled off and my mouth was wrapped around his stuff shaft, he wasn't quite sure how to react. He seemed to try hard to stay focused on the porn playing in the background. That is, until I took it all the down to the base and Brantley's mouth dropped open, clearly starting to enjoy the ride.

One of the best parts of this shoot, in my opinion, was watching Brantley's face as he struggled between being utterly turned on, and then realizing he was getting turned on by a guy. Especially when he was bent over on all fours with my tongue up his ass. When it comes to getting rimmed, it's all over; check and mate. (wink)

Getting Brantley up to the finish line was hardly a struggle. After fucking my mouth, he was already set to blow. I left the build-up unedited so you'll see it real time.

"Oh, yeah, right there," Brantley barely whispered. "Don't stop. Keep going."

An extra-intense cumshot from a nervous str8 boy. Just the way we like it!

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Runtime: 15:27