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Buddy is a 22y/o straight guy who joined the military and made his way out to San Diego. He's a bit of a party animal and has a wild streak that even makes his friends scratch their heads. Two of his Marine friends dropped him off for the shoot so I asked if they knew what he was coming over for. He laughed.

"Oh yeah, I told all my friends about this. They think I'm a little crazy, but I have no shame."

He seems like the kind of guy who sets out to try everything once. Even if it's just to have a good story for later. He's collected quite few of them, too, and now can add jacking off on camera to that list!

Buddy said he normally jerks off, "at least once a day," but had saved up for a couple days. And he was definitely ready to bust as soon as he got the go-ahead, shooting all the way over his shoulder and covering his chest and stomach in streams of jizz.

Tags: Big Cumshot, Stocky/Husky

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