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I met Calvin on a recent trip up to the local university. He's an 18y/o straight guy who moved to San Diego for college and to soak up the So Cal lifestyle. His beaming smile and out-going personality immediately caught my eye and made it nearly impossible for me to not hand him a card. His reaction was more than a little receptive.

"Jerk off on camera? Oh, hell yeah! I've always wanted to do something like that."

Calvin describes himself as a bit of a clown and a show-off. That, and he's a "cougar chaser." He was a football linebacker in high school and has the beefy build for it. When his pants came off it was a nice surprise to see a natural bush of pubes. And if you're an ass man, you'll probably appreciate his football player bubble butt.

Calvin was so excited about his first porn video that he saved up for 5 whole days and almost busted half-way through the shoot. He definitely had a rock solid hard-on the whole time. And after pumping out one sticky load, he took a 10 minute break, popped another boner and busted a second cumshot!

Tags: Stocky/Husky

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