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Randall is 20y/o and a pretty big n' beefy dude. He's 6'1", played offensive line in football through high school, and is currently working in construction. I was a little hesitant approaching him about being in porn, but it turns out that he's a bit of a show off and said it's something he's been thinking about for a while.

The way he put it: "I had sex at a party where people kept coming in to watch and cheer us on. I don't see how jacking off for people to watch is a whole lot different."

A healthy attitude from a budding exhibitionist.

In fact, Randall got a little caught up in the moment and after only barely getting started on the shoot, he blew a load that went clear up to his neck.

No problem, though. We took a 5-minute break and he was ready to go for round two. And this time he squirted all the way up, hitting himself in the face!

Tags: Big Cumshot, Stocky/Husky

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