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When I asked Calvin about getting a handjob, he was definitely open to trying it.

"Hey, it's something new," was how he put it.

I think the reality of it all set in very quickly, though, when he showed up for the shoot. His eyes are glued to the DVD playing in the background for at least the first few minutes.

But while Calvin's face looks like he's about as nervous as a guy could get, his dick is telling a different story. He's rock hard from the moment his shorts come off. And only a couple minutes into the video, he has to stop or else he's going to cum!

And that's just the first time. Calvin's a virtual cum machine. During the course of the shoot, I lost count of how many times he was about to nut and we had to stop. But there are at least 3 times he gets too close to the edge and ends up busting a load.

Tags: Helping Hand, Stocky/Husky

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