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Travis is living the So Cal life: he's a 20y/o college student who spends his free time surfing and chasing girls. He was down at the beach, scoping out the waves, when I met him and gave him the "How'd ya like to do porn?" line.

He's got a bit of a wild streak and, after telling a few of his buddies about it, came by to get naked on camera for the first time ever.

We we hanging out before firing up the cameras when Travis spotted a Fleshlight and asked if he could use it for the shoot.

"I've heard they're pretty sweet. Never used one, though."

I'd say he was an instant fan-- his dick got rock hard as soon as he slid it inside. He even had to stop a couple times to keep himself from cumming too soon. But when he did bust, he left a big 3-day load dripping down his leg and stomach.

Tags: Fleshlight, Blond

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