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I saw Keegan online and liked his stats: 21. 6’1. 185. I figured it was worth a try to drop him a line and ask if he’d be interested in making some easy money. Lucky for us, he was hard up for cash.

Keegan is new to San Diego. Why did he move down here from northern California? "This is the place to be if you want women!" This sexy straight dude is a horn dog. He jacks off every day (he even used to jack off in his high school locker room), but assured me he saved up a good load for the shoot.

When Keegan stood up and removed his clothes, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot. His body is sick: smooth chest, six pack abs, and thick, muscular legs. Throw in his soulful blue eyes and he's a perfect package. And while we're on packages, Keegan wasn't just hard up for cash; he was also hard as a rock when he started playing with himself.

Keegan was clearly nervous, this being his first time doing porn. His eyes were glued to the straight porn I had playing in the background for most of his session. But that just made him more of an unattainable fantasy figure.

He stroked his thick cock slowly, standing up to better show off his body. Then he leaned forward to expose his ass, strong and muscular with just the right amount of fuzz on it.

Once he was getting close, he leaned back and got comfortable. "Oh, I’m gonna cum," he announced in his deep, sexy voice. Then he tensed his ass up into the air as he jerked a monster load of jizz all over himself.

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