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Preston has been making his progression since first showing up on the site last year, but the next step was a big one for him!

Preston admitted that he was going to be nervous about fucking a guy for the first time. Cy, on the other hand, has "dabbled" in guy-guy sex, and seemed like a natural choice to break in Preston. Not to mention how hot it promised to be, seeing their hairy bods bumpin' and grindin' against each other.

Cy peeled Preston's clothes off and started sucking his already half-hard cock. Laying back on the couch, Preston reached over and started stroking Cy while he continued priming Preston with his mouth.

Cy jumped up on his knees, ready for action. Preston took it slow at first, trying not to be too rough right out of the gate. Cy made it clear after a minute that Preston could ramp it up: "Oh, yeah. Fuck me harder!" he moaned.

Preston sat down and Cy straddled his cock, setting the pace himself. Preston was starting to really get into as the sweat began glistening all over their bodies.

Finally, Cy lay back and threw his legs up for Preston. Both were deeply in "the zone" as Cy told Preston to keep fucking him harder until he suddenly said he was going to cum. Preston grabbed Cy's cock and finished him off. Preston fucked Cy for another few seconds before pulling out and unloading a pool of cum all over Cy's stomach.

Tags: Hairy, Blond, Muscular, Stocky/Husky, Anal

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Runtime: 20:27

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