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After his last couple shoots, Damien's girlfriend started shortening his leash a little, so it'd been a while since I'd heard from him. When he did finally get in touch asking about another video shoot, you can bet I was gonna be game. And you can bet I was going to test the boundaries with some ass play that he seemed to enjoy during his massage video.

Damien showed up already pitching a tent behind his jeans. It sounded like he hadn't been getting enough action lately and was more than ready to unload.

After peeling his clothes off, I got to work getting Damien's cock primed before pushing back his legs to give his virgin hole some attention. Damien's mouth fell open and eyes squeezed shut as if he'd just been handed a little slice of heaven. I know I had!

Damien stood up, grabbed the back of my head proceeded to slowly push his dick down my throat, then faster as he found his rhythm. This boy was rock hard and wasn't holding back any longer.

Even though he likes getting his dick sucked, Damien had told me that it's always been hard for girls to get him off from head. Not being one to back down from a challenge, I worked and worked and worked to try and be the first. (Hey, I ain't complaining about it, though.)

Eventually, Damien grabbed his cock and started jerking as I lubed up a finger and slid it up his ass while licking his balls. His whole body clenched up until he let out a series of moans and gasped that he was about to cum... three big squirts all the way up to his chest and shoulder!

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