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Shane was pretty nervous about doing a happy-ending massage. He took his time thinking about it and decided to give it a shot after a little convincing. His big concern was whether he'd be able to get it up.

He shrugged off his nerves, though, and made the leap into his first experience with a guy. It took a minute for him to relax; from the little pre-shoot "interview" to the first few minutes when my hands were rubbing down his back, the tension was running high.

And then Shane rolled over onto his back and the story changed. Once his cock got a few tugs, it was standing at full attention. He even had to stop me once because he was getting so close to cumming.

Shane's cumshot was a sneaker -- he must have been focused on something good while I brought him up to the edge. Without much of a peep leading up to the climax, he suddenly gasped. With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, cum dribbled down my hand and onto his pubes.

Tags: Muscular, Massage

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Runtime: 22:15

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