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Like most everyone, there are days when I like my job more than other days. When Samuel came over for a shoot, recently, I loved my job perhaps more than ever!

Samuel had been thinking about doing porn for a while and randomly decided to look for a job doing it one day. He emailed some pics over to see if he would fit in, and the very next day he was in the studio ready to roll. With a buddy in tow, to boot. (We might see him soon, too, with any luck.)

Samuel is 19 y/o and was quite the jock in high school, playing football, baseball, and wrestling. These days, in case the haircut doesn't give it away, he enlisted in the military and got shipped out to San Diego where he's been soaking up the local flavor and ravaging the female population. Lucky girls.

When things got started, he admitted to being a little nervous about his first time in front of the cameras, but added, "Not too nervous, though." I asked him if he was the kind of guy who's not shy about showing off his body.

"Not really," he said. "I mean, I have it. May as well. If someone sees it, it's not a big deal."

I might have to disagree with him there. Besides the toned bod and ginger hair, his lips and eyes were slaying me. And 'dat ass! After seeing the whole package, it is a big deal.

Samuel usually jacks off once a day or so. Because he got booked so fast, it'd only been a day since he'd last busted a nut. Not that it mattered much, though. When he got the go-ahead for his cumshot, Samuel's body got flushed red as he worked himself up to the finish, and he blew a thick rope of cum that shot up to his chest.

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