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Blake is So Cal native who's big into the more "extreme" types of sports: racing motorcycles, mountain biking, snowboarding. After turning 25 a few months ago, he wanted to try something a little different from his regular adrenaline fixes.

Though he'd been thinking about getting into porn for several years, he only recently decided to give it a try. Not because he was shy or concerned that his conservative friends might find out. He just assumed that the line to get naked in front of the cameras was so long that he didn't have much of a chance. Well, once his application came in, he got put right up to the front of that line.

Blake wanted to make a good first impression. He even did a little homework, watching a few videos to get ready for his debut. I'm not sure if that's what did the trick, but he certainly was a natural and put on a helluva show. Definitely a guy who's not afraid to get into it.

Normally a guy who jerks off at least once a day, Blake had saved up for a couple days before his shoot.

"I don't know if that helps or not," he mentioned before the cameras were rolling. "It just seems like no matter how often I jack off, I always end up shooting big loads."

No doubt, he got hard in heartbeat once he peeled off his shorts. And when the big finish came, he wasn't exaggerating about being a shooter. Blake was right on the edge when he got the thumbs-up, squirting stream after stream of cum clear over his head, onto his face and hair, and coating his chest with pearly strings of jizz.

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