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Thomas showed up for his first time in front of the cameras in cowboy boots and a matter-of-fact kind of attitude. He's 25 y/o; grew up on a farm and found himself in San Diego after signing up with the military. Being a small town guy, he's not a fan of the city, but was diplomatic enough to say that he finds So Cal life, "Interesting."

What came as a surprise was that Thomas got a ride to the shoot by a buddy who was waiting outside for him. That, and he has a girlfriend whom he also told about dropping trou' for the world to see. Neither seemed too phased. And Thomas? He decided to give it a shot because, hey, money is money.

Thomas has a tight bod despite eating like a self-described human garbage disposal. (To be so lucky!) No doubt, it had something to do with being an all-around athlete. When he started listing off all the sports he played, it went on and on. Baseball and snowboarding were his faves. Whichever were responsible, he'd developed quite the bubble butt that is one of the first things girls notice about him.

As much of a calm demeanor that he had, Thomas took a minute to get into the groove and find his inner pornstar. Once he did, though, his thick, uncut cock was ready to show off. And since his girlfriend knew what was up, he'd saved up for a few days ahead of time with her blessing.

The build-up to Thomas' big finish was a nice long one. He pounded his cock with a fury. When he reached the edge, his head popped up and a spray of cum splattered his tight abs with a well-earned load.

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Runtime: 22:00