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When we'd first talked on the phone, Thomas seemed wary about the idea of "doing anything gay." So it came as a real surprise that, after bringing up the massage scene, he shrugged his shoulders and said he'd be down for it.

It took nearly a month before the stars aligned and we found a time to meet up. His work schedule with the military is a crazy one -- late nights followed by early mornings reporting for duty. But during those few weeks he'd told a handful of buddies that he was doing porn now.

"They didn't believe me at first," he laughed. But after seeing Thomas with the money in hand, they were lining up to get in for shoots, too!

This was a first for Thomas in a couple ways. He'd never gotten a happy-ending massage before, and it was his first time ever doing anything with a guy. I have a feeling that it was actually his GF who eased his mind about it. He mentioned that she was totally on-board with him doing porn and was fully aware about coming back for an erotic rub-down.

I had mixed feelings about whether or not to edit out part of this video. As mentioned, Thomas works long, odd hours and had only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before. Apparently, the massage was pretty relaxing. As I was ramping up to the cumshot, Thomas had fallen fast asleep and started snoring!

After waking him up, I went at it full bore to get him off. It was an intense one, with Thomas' whole body clenched up as I jacked his uncut cock. The orgasm left him breathless and writhing on the massage table.

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