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Jared is definitely not a stranger to getting happy-ending massages. He lost count of how many he'd gone out and paid for while on deployment overseas. Of course, those were all from girls.

Despite that, and even though he'd already gotten and handjob at the end of his last shoot, Jared wasn't quite sure he wanted to take the next leap and get a full-body rubdown from a guy. It took him a few weeks to finally decide, "Fuck it. Money is money."

He must have been pretty horny, having saved up nearly a week's worth of cum. Laying face down on the massage table, his cock was already hard when I pulled it from between his legs. And it only got harder as I spread the cheeks of his bubble butt to rub his hole.

We had a couple close calls when he flipped over onto his back. Trying to keep him from cumming too quickly, I was careful about stroking Jared's cock. His body language wasn't giving much away, so whenever I saw his balls scrunching up I knew he was getting close to the edge.

Ramping up to the cumshot, it started becoming more obvious by the look on Jared's face that he was focusing hard on some mental image. Whatever it was, it didn't take long before he suddenly opened his eyes and, with a series of gasping breaths, unloaded a thick load onto his pubes.

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