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Aydan and a buddy of his decided to head west from their snowy state and ended up in San Diego a few weeks ago. Aydan, seeming to be more of the guy to throw caution to the wind between the two of them, decided he'd give porn a shot. "When in Rome..."

Somehow he got pretty lucky and landed his first shoot with a girl (I don't know the name of the site, so no need to email asking), but knew he could make some extra money doing a solo shoot. That's when he started Googling around and our paths crossed.

Aydan was hard to read when he showed up. He seemed a little "distant" and had a bit of a bad-boy demeanor at first, but once his clothes were on the floor he was rarin' to go. His cock was hard in seconds -- he's got quite the long shaft with just a hint of foreskin. And he was totally comfortable, maybe even turned on, with the cameras pointed at him.

When he got the go-ahead, Aydan really got to work on his dick. Along with some heavy breathing and moaning "Oh, fuck", he built up to a load that pulsed out and ran down his hand and cock.

Tags: Blond

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Runtime: 12:27