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Gene is a 23y/o straight Marine I met online. The military brought him out to California from the Midwest and since then he's been soaking up the local flavor. One of his favorite things is hitting up the swinger's club with his buddies.

He's a bit on the quiet side, so it was a surprise to hear that he had told all the guys he works with about coming over to jerk off on camera. He even tried to talk some of them into coming along with him!

Gene said he's always wanted to get into porn and he was definitely was turned on by the whole process. During his photoshoot his dick was hard before his pants even came off, with a little leak of pre-cum on the tip. He was almost a little too turned on, and I have my suspicions that Gene might be a little curious about getting it on with a guy.

He must have been on the edge of busting during the whole shoot. When I gave him the go-ahead to cum, it was only a few seconds before he dumped a load all over his pubes and a couple big shots up his chest.

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