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Nathan needed some extra cash for trip he was going on and when he called up to see if there was any more work, of course I made the offer for a handjob video.

Like most the straight guys, he wasn't exactly "fired up" about it and wanted to give it some thought. But when the second call came a couple days later, apparently his mind was made up:

"Let's do this."

Nathan came over on his way to the gym and the shorts he wore gave easy access to his thick cock. He must have been pretty hormy because his dick was swollen to full attention before they even came off.

Maybe there was a tinge of embarrassment or confusion about having a guy jerk him off, but he tries to pull it off by keeping stone-faced. Little by little, though, he lets himself go until giving in and unloading onto his pubes and stomach!

Tags: Helping Hand, Hung, Stocky/Husky

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