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It's official. Gene is out of the Marines. Of course, the first thing he wanted to do is grow out his hair, including a short beard.

The second thing he did was call up about getting another blowjob! Gene is one of my personal faves and has a fan base among members of the site, so I was more than happy to have him back.

After experiencing his first blowjob from a guy a few months ago, I thought he might like to take things up a notch and get his very first rimming. From either a guy or girl!

Apparently, Gene liked getting his ass licked. He let out a few moans then grabbed his legs to pull them back so he could jack off with my tongue up his hole.

Gene stood up and grabbed the back of my head to face fuck me, shoving his cock in my mouth. He told me that his girlfriend isn't able to deep throat him, so when I took it all the way down my throat his eyes shut and he moaned in pleasure.

He sat back down on the bed and pushed my head down to the base of his dick. As the intensity built, Gene threw back his head and gave a quiet "Okay" right before releasing a sticky load that dripped down my hand.

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