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When Wes heard about getting a handjob he was rarin' to go, ready to take the next step in his porn venture.

And I do mean READY! Wes' cock was pitching a tent in his shorts even before the cameras were turned on. I'd swear he must have a permanent hardon.

If there were any doubts, the precum leaking from the tip of his cock when I pulled it out was clearly an indication that Wes was turned on by the idea of getting jerked off. When I rubbed the precum onto the head of his dick, he quivered and let out a gasp.

I flipped Wes over to play with his ass. As I started rubbing his furry crack, his breathing got heavier which I took as a green light to go further. I lubed up a finger, slid it inside his hole and asked if it felt good.

"Yeah," he said, nearly out of breath. "It feels really tight."

I knew from Wes' throbbing cock that it wasn't going to take much to make him cum. I asked him if he was ready.

"I can keep going, but if you're ready for a cumshot just do whatever you want."

And with a few more strokes, just a few seconds later a stream of jizz was running down my hand and splattered onto Wes' stomach.

To top it all off, I stuck a finger in Wes' mouth which he licked off a glob of cum to get a taste.

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