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It'd been a while since I heard from Jon. After making his porn debut last summer, I had asked him about doing a massage video, but he said he needed some time to think about it. Well, several months later he decided to give it a go and I gently teased him about how long "thinking about it" took.

"I'm kind of a slow bloomer," he said with a laugh.

Jon was fairly nervous since this was a first time for him on two accounts-- first "happy ending" massage, and first time having a guy get him off.

Once he was face down on the massage table, though, Jon started to relax, letting my hands glide over his back, legs, feet, and slowly making their way toward his muscular butt where I spread his cheeks and found his hole was covered in a furry patch of blond hair. That, and I could see his cock was already starting to get hard between his legs.

Jon flipped over and was sporting a hardon. "I guess it feels good," I joked.

As I worked Jon's front side, his dick kept getting more rigid with every pass of my hands. I grabbed the lube and focused my attention on that growing muscle.

Jon's body started tensing up in response, but it seemed that it was going to take a little more to get him over the edge. I leaned over and took Jon's cock into my mouth and massaged his tight hole.

By the end, Jon's whole body was twitching out of control. At the last second, he gasped that he was about to cum and spurted out a well deserved load that landed clear off the side of the table and onto the floor.

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