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If you've seen Eli's previous scenes, you know that his cock is colossal, so you can't blame me for wanting to get my lips around it. Truth be told, it took a lot of cash to motivate this str8 Marine to let me blow him. It's a pretty big leap from being massaged by another dude to having his mouth on your dick, but lucky for us, I had enough to convince Eli to take that leap.

Eli had jerked off the day before our shoot, but that didn't stop his cock from being rock hard before I even unzipped his jeans. I took his clothes off, revealing his smooth chest, hairy legs, and neatly trimmed pubes, then went right to work.

Eli is obviously proud of his cock. He smiled ear-to-ear when I took a break from swallowing his shaft to tell him how big it was. Taking breaks also gave me a chance to lick his low-hanging balls and stroke his cock with my hand. When I asked him if girls could swallow his monstrous pole, he just smiled devilishly again.

When I reached by hand under his balls and touched his hole, he leaned his head back. I saw my opportunity and pounced on it.

"Have you had your ass licked before?" I asked.

He gave me a nod and a quick, "Yeah."

I seized the moment and had him flip his 6-foot frame over. I spread his beefy cheeks apart to reveal his beautiful ass, teasing it with my tongue and my fingers. I knew I would be sucking him off, but eating his tasty hole was a bonus prize.

For the grand finale, I sat Eli back down on the chair, using my hand and my mouth to earn the load from his balls. And what a fucking load of jizz it turned out to be: thick and creamy. I couldn't resist tasting it, a perfect dessert to wash down a delicious main course.

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