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"Ever thought about doing porn?" I asked Lucas when I saw him at one of the local college campuses. It took a minute for it to register with him, but his eyes suddenly lit up and answered with an enthusiastic yes. Turned out Lucas started watching porn when he was ten years old and has been waiting to turn eighteen so he could try it out.

I think you guys will agree this 6'2, 205 pound stud is a natural. Lucas has the face of a movie star, the body of a Greek God, and he's hung like a horse, to boot! He's a personal trainer who played water polo and hockey most of his life, and the results of all that hard work are on full display. Just wait until you see him flexing for the cameras.

Lucas took to shooting porn fast, seducing the camera with his deep blue eyes. He really seemed to enjoy showing off his dick to the world. And he didn't seem to have much problem with showing off his muscular ass, either. It's surprisingly hairy for a guy with such a naturally smooth body. He spent a good long time on all fours stroking his cock between his spread legs before turning back around to finish himself off.

"I'm gonna cum," Lucas warned, just before soaking the sheets with his massive load.

When he recovered from the explosion, he held up his hand, showing off the creamy cum on it.

"How does it taste?" I asked, and to my delight he brought his finger to his mouth and tasted it.

"Pineapple," he answered with a laugh.

Next time, I hope I get to taste it myself. And just in case he doesn't agree to a next time, I'm not washing those sheets anytime soon.

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