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I wanted to try something a little different today. Invariably, some of the guys hit a financial rough patch and need to make a quick few bucks. Or, sometimes, they just want a place to bust a nut away from their roommates.

I figured you guys wouldn't mind an extra update every once in a while, so why not make everyone happy? They get their rocks off, make a little cash; you get to watch!

It's a pretty simple premise. No muss, no fuss: put the cameras on tripods, put on some porn, and just see what happens when the guys are alone.

First up: Gene. It'd been about 2 years since I'd last heard from him when, out of the blue, he messaged saying he'd be in the neighborhood and wanted to swing by.

When I mentioned the qwicky videos, he was all for being the first to try it out. About halfway through, Gene lubed up a finger and shoved it up his ass. Looked like he nearly lost it there for a sec, but lasted another couple minutes before blasting his stomach with cum.

Tags: Hung, Qwicky

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Runtime: 9:10

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