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Andy took a few weeks before finally deciding to do a happy-ending massage video. I had a feeling he'd be coming back, though. He'd gotten a happy-ending from his girlfriend once before, and another "surprise" one when he had gone in for a regular massage. But this one was a bit of a leap for him, since he'd never done anything with a guy before.

"Yeah, I'm pretty nervous about it," he admitted, fidgeting a little while sitting on the massage table.

After getting started, my hands worked their way south from his back, pushing apart his legs to find his dick was already getting hard. A few passes across his ass and rubbing on his hole and it was looking like we were in business!

Andy's mind must have been focused on something good when he turned over. He kept his eyes shut for the most part, but the tell-tale curve to his hard cock was clearly telling me he was enjoying the ride.

When I started stroking him faster, Andy's breathing deepened and the look on his face grew more and more intense. Finally, Andy's head lifted up from the massage table and he let out an expectant moan while releasing a well-earned load.

Tags: Redhead/Ginger, Massage

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Runtime: 16:29

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