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21 y/o Colt is one solid piece of meat. Standing at 5'10" he tips the scales at 220 lbs. And getting beefier by the week.

"I've always been kind of a thick guy," he explained, "but I've put on about 50 lbs of muscle since I joined the Marines."

I'm sure it's pointless to say this, but when I first met Colt I was all about trying to get him in front of the cameras. Luckily, when I asked him about it, he admitted that it was something he'd been thinking about for a while, too.

When Colt peeled off his clothes, it was just about all I could do to hold the camera steady. There are days when I think I've got a pretty good job. And days like this one when I think I'm the luckiest damn guy on the planet.

Colt took a minute to warm up to having a camera pointed at his hard-on, laughing self-consciously a little when I came in for his first close-up. But it wasn't long before he let his inner pornstar loose. He seemed to like the close-ups when he could see himself stroking in the camera's LCD screen, so you'll see him show off his cock a bit more at that angle.

Colt is single, but still only jacks off 2-3 times a week and hadn't busted a nut for at least that long. Watch carefully and you'll see him squirt out a little "pre-cumshot" as he's getting close to his finish. The end result was a nice thick load that nearly landed on his pecs, leaving Colt grinning breathlessly.

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