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It'd been about a month since Chase finally came back for the massage scene I offered him after his solo shoot last time. He was a little on the fence about it, but between work and his girlfriend (who still doesn't know he's doing porn), it was hard for him to slip away long enough to make it happen once he decided to go for it. It was worth the wait.

Chase had never done anything with a guy before and, even when he had been deployed to countries that are well known for their "massage services," Chase didn't partake in the local goods, so this was a two-time first for him. Money may have been a motivation here, but based on the boner that flopped out when he peeled off his towel, there may have been other factors. Horny, for sure. Curious, perhaps?

After rubbing down Chase's back, my hands made their way down to his ass. That always seems to be a tipping point (or not), and Chase didn't flinch when I slid a hand between his cheeks. I went on and spread his ass, poured some massage oil to lube him up and slipped a finger down his tight hole. Chase's dick swelled up even more from between his legs and Chase made an audible gasp.

When he flipped over, his cock was well-primed, so I was careful not to push him over the edge too quickly, just slowly teasing it. I pushed another finger between his legs and up his ass and his dick started to look like it was ready to explode. Definitely seemed to have found the magic button.

When I wrapped my mouth around his shaft, that was about all he could take. Chase's breathing got deeper, legs clenched up, and cum drizzled from his cock, covering his pubes.

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