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It took about 3 years, but Rich is finally back! When he first decided to make the leap into porn, he was "on the fence" about doing any guy-guy scenes. Since then, though, he gave it some thought came to the realization that it couldn't be that bad. He and his roommate had been talking about ways to make some holiday money and it sounded like his roommate had at least a small part in talking Rich into taking the plunge.

This was Rich's first time in a few respects, including some he didn't expect. He'd gone in for a massage before and hoped it would turn into a happy-ending, but it didn't. So, first happy-ending, and first experience with another guy.

One thing that came as a surprise to him (and me, since I remember Rich being awfully "shy" about showing off his butt in his solo videos) was how much he was turned on by having his ass played with. More on that in a sec.

When Rich showed up he was a little on the nervous side, but, having thought it through, seemed resolved to give new things a try. He certainly came prepared, saving up a 5-day load for the shoot.

I started out rubbing down Rich's back, being a little cautious about getting my hands between his ass cheeks. It quickly became obvious that there was no reason for caution, though. Rich's cock swelled up and got rock hard from between his legs, leaking pre-cum every time his furry butt was rubbed.

By the time he flipped over, Rich was already getting close to cumming. Almost too close. As I slowly teased his cock, I slipped a finger up his ass causing Rich to start moaning and subtly thrusting his hips. He quietly gasped that we better slow down and take a break or he was going to bust too soon.

Rich normally is a "shooter" when he cums, so with 5 days stored up and having edged him for nearly 20 minutes, I knew this was going to be one hell of a finish. I picked up the pace on stroking him and, like a magic button, with a finger up his ass Rich's whole body responded with the intensity of the build-up. Cum exploded from his cock completely covering his abs, and his ass clenched up around my finger with every spurt.

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