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Declan is a recent transplant to So Cal. He's 22 y/o and when his friends and family heard he was moving west, they all assumed he was coming out this way to do porn. And they were right.

He sent in an application and things moved forward with getting him booked. It wasn't until we met up in person that it all started to click. Turned out that Declan is a big fan of the site and didn't realize that he was doing a shoot for SpunkWorthy! I think that made him even more excited since he's also got a thing for str8 guys and there was potential to do some scenes with them.

Declan is a gymnast and, at 5' 6" tall, has just the body type for it. His 7" dick looked huge on his smaller frame. Things didn't get too acrobatic when the cameras were rolling, but when he lay on the bed and started fingering himself it seemed that something was missing to really get him heated up.

A dildo did just the trick to push Declan over the edge. After a few minutes of fucking himself, he lost control and went for the cumshot, splattering jizz from his leg all the way up to his shoulder.

For next time, I suggested that we get him back to bottom for a str8 guy.

Declan smiled from ear-to-ear, "Oh, yeah. For sure!"

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Runtime: 16:36

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