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21 y/o Price is a proud Midwestern boy who loves to hunt, fish, and all those good things. He managed to find his way out to San Diego for "work." If the haircut doesn't give away what line of work he's in, I'll let you think about it for a sec.

Price had always thought about doing porn, and one random night decided to start poking around online to see if he could find a way to do it. Him, along with a buddy. Or two. They all submitted applications together, so we might be seeing some of them down the road, too.

It was hard not to notice how tall Price is when we first met up -- he towers over everyone, standing at 6' 5". When we started shooting photos, I asked what girls usually picked out as his main feature. I figured it might be his height or his big brown eyes. He took on a bit of a coy smile when I asked.

"Actually, they usually comment on my dick. They like how thick it is."

Normally, I might have taken this as a bit of vanity. But once his clothes were piled on the floor and Price had worked his cock up, I could understand why it was so memorable. You can bet that the ol' measuring tape came out for this one and, yep, it's a solid 6 inches around and just about 8 inches long.

Price seems like a bit of a wild one and an instigator (hence getting his buddies on board to do porn with him.) He told a story about being on a high school swim team trip when he and three of his teammates did a jerk-off race together in the back of a bus while some girls cheered them on. He didn't win the race, but that didn't seem to phase him. Just that he'd participated, or, more likely, that he'd started the whole thing off in the first place!

For his porn debut, Price really wanted to make sure he did an extra good job so he held off from masturbating for 5 whole days. He even had gone out the night before, met a girl, and told her he couldn't have sex because he had a porn shoot the next day. Now, that's dedication.

And it seemed to pay off. The pool of cum that Price shot out onto his stomach was pretty impressive.

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