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If you thought it took a minute to get Curtis on the massage table, you'll probably understand that it took even longer to get him to get his first bj from a guy. A wad of cash finally convinced him.

Caleb is a model on my other site and had said a couple times that he'd be more than happy to do the honors if there was a str8 guy he could suck off, so I stood back with the camera and let him show off his skills.

Curtis was nervous to the point of being completely stone-faced at the onset. Once Caleb had peeled off Curtis' clothes and got to work, it was only a matter of time until the stoic look on Curtis' face turned to one that seemed to realize that this was going to be one helluva great hummer. His eyes glanced down, then rolled into the back of his head as Caleb took Curtis' cock down the base.

Standing up, Curtis grabbed the back of Caleb's head and subtly fucked his mouth as if trying to hold back from showing too much enjoyment. But, judging from his facial expressions, that was proving to be difficult as Caleb sucked on Curtis' balls and worked the head of his dick.

As Curtis was slowly ramped up to the finish line, his breathing got deeper and his body clenched up; Curtis' face and torso flushed bright red. Caleb worked him right up to the edge before Curtis couldn't hold back and blasted a load onto his pubes and down the side of Caleb's hand.

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Runtime: 22:23