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Zane sent in an email through the site a few months back, asking about how to apply to model. Apparently, he was checking out the site and ended up recognizing a few of his former military buddies. He'd just gotten out of a relationship and thought it would as good a time as any to cross "Do Porn" off his bucket list.

Now 27 y/o, Zane is out of the military and soaking up the So Cal life. He described himself as kind of a wild one back in the day, but, even so, the one friend he'd told about getting naked for the world to see was pretty surprised to hear it.

The chit-chat part of the video was challenge; I couldn't get a good read on what was going through his head. After he peeled off his clothes, though, the rough interview was quickly forgiven seeing his hairy, muscular package. When it took Zane a few minutes to get himself ramped up, it started making sense that he was more nervous than he'd let on earlier.

Zane did find his groove, though. He found just the right porn to play in the background and most of his focus was on that. But, even so, the facial expressions and his intensity was pretty hot.

He normally jerks off 3-4 times a day, so when Zane said he'd been saving up for a couple days, I had a feeling we would be in for a helluva finish. As he ramped himself up to the edge, Zane's breathing got even deeper just before shooting streams up cum up his chest that just barely missed his face.

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