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US Navy beefcake, Scott, is back a few weeks after his first shoot, but this time I asked him to grow out his pubes a little. His fuzz-patch looks so hot on his tight wrestler bod!

We don't spend much time talking 'cos Scott is ready to get right to business. He's obviously a lot less nervous this time around-- he's half naked by the time I can get the cameras started! Plus I think he's getting a little turned on by the idea of showing off his body. If you look carefully, he's got semi-wood before his pants even come off.

Scott is one hot dude to watch in general, but in this shoot the intensity builds and builds. By the end, he's jumped up on his knees, covered in sweat and flushed red as he shoots a load out onto the bed. Whew!

Tags: Redhead/Ginger, Muscular

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