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Marks is a 23 y/o Marine who said he's thought about being in porn for a while. It wasn't until recently when he got into a little financial trouble that he asked his wife's permission to show off his uncut dick to the world in order to make some cash.

Marks said he was excited about baring it all. Even so, he was a tiny bit nervous since it was his first time "doing it alone on camera" as he put it, so he was a little shaky out of the gates. Suddenly, though, he seemed to start having fun with it.

He really played to the camera, and seemed to especially like the close-ups on his thoroughly rigid cock. Marks dropped his hands to his side a few times, letting it stand erect on its own. It has quite the downward curve!

Even though Marks is married, he said he still finds time to jerk off. Lots of time, apparently.

"I jerk of everywhere," he laughed. "Bathroom. Bedroom. Couch. No surface is safe."

Thankfully, he held off and saved up a 2 day load for his porn debut. Marks stroked faster, using his foreskin to rub over the tip of his cock. He started panting as thick white globs of cum shot out halfway down his leg.

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Runtime: 14:31

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