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Reed and Eli seemed like a great pair of Marines to get together for a side-by-side jerk off. Since Reed is the more outgoing of the two, and seems to get off on the attention of the camera, I expected that he would set the pace, knowing that Eli is a bit more reserved.

Reed has also tag-teamed girls before, so jerking off with a buddy didn't seem like too much of stretch for him. Eli, though, threw everyone for a loop when he announced that he had actually jerked off with a guy before. And not just any guy -- his brother!

From the moment the guys started undressing, I caught them sneaking peeks at one another, sizing each other up. It was subtle, but there seemed to be some curiosity there.

After rubbing their cocks for a while, I asked who they thought had the bigger dick. Both laughed with embarrassment at first before Eli spoke up, "I think I've got the length and he's got the girth."

The guys decided they would try to bust at the same time. Reed slowly worked on his thick cock while Eli started stoking with a frenzy. Reed looked over and asked Eli if he was getting close; Eli laughed, "You're trying to control it, aren't you?"

With a few more strokes, Eli squeezed out a thick load onto his stomach. Seconds later, Reed started moaning, causing Eli to turn and watch in amazement as Reed squirted a massive cumshot off the side of the bed, landing on the bed stand!

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