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Damien is one eager beaver. He's a 22 y/o Marine who just got back from a long overseas deployment and wanted to hit the ground running. Literally, the day after coming home he got in touch with me to ask about living out his dream of doing porn. After seeing his pics, I told him that I think we could work something out. (wink)

He's a bit of a wild one. When he told his Marine buddy about coming over for a shoot, apparently his response didn't involve much surprise, telling him that of all the guys in the group, Damien would be the one to go for it.

Damien is a total jock. Name a sport and he's probably played it. He's also a gym nut, going running and hitting the weights just about every day. And, damn, has it paid off.

Besides his great bod and great ass, one thing that "wow'ed" me most was how much he wanted to make an impression on his porn debut. I told him, as I do all the guys, to save up a load for the shoot.

"My girl texted me last night," he admitted when he showed up. "I couldn't say no. She begged me to come over."

This is usually when I start to wonder what to expect when it's show time.

"I did what you told me, though, and didn't cum. I just took care of her."

Whether that's true or not, I can't be sure. But I'm thinking he told the truth, because when Damien's grand finale came, it was pretty amazing. Streams of cum shot clear up his chest, hitting his neck and armpit, and completely soaking his stomach.

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