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Luke moved to San Diego a couple months ago without much of a plan on how he was going to make money. He hadn't really ever thought about doing porn, but figured it would be an easy way to pay some bills. He'd heard from a few girls that he had the dick for it, so why not?

He's a lean 6' 1" guy who played basketball growing up and now likes to work on cars. Kind of a twink mechanic who was counting down the days until he turned 21 so he could go out and meet some girls.

"Jerking off is all I've been doing for the past two months," he said. "Why not make some money for doing what I'm doing at home for free?"

And apparently not too stealthily. He'd been caught by his mom, his ex-girlfriend's parents, and once by a couple who pulled their phone out and started recording him when they caught him beating off on a beach.

Luke guesstimated that he was toting an 8-incher, but never measured it. Of course, that was the cue to pull out the measuring tape. He was close, but a little shy of 8. Still, it looked massive on his thin frame.

Luckily, he'd held off from masturbating for 3 days before the shoot. And was he ever ready to bust a nut. Luke's balls crawled up inside him as he breathlessly whispered, "Oh, fuck" and left his abs covered in cum.

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