About SW...

I'm just a regular guy who always thought it'd be fun to get involved in the adult industry. I started out as a talent scout for photographers and video companies in northern California. Just an idea that some buddies and I had while sitting around at lunch when we were in college.

"Ya know, there are all these hot guys running around campus, and all these websites looking for new models... someone should start asking these guys if they want to do porn."

Turned out, that "someone" was me.

After moving back to San Diego, I started recruiting models for websites around the area. It was pretty hit-or-miss, since they tended to be very "particular" about the guys and usually wanted the same look over and over again. I, on the other hand, liked seeing the guy-next-door types... the frat boys, the military men, the skaters and surfers that you see all over the streets every day. Got some tats, a hairy chest? Fuck yeah! Sign 'em up!

With the encouragement of a few friends, I started shooting guys that were just for me. Or, at least, they were scouted completely without the idea that they were potential models for the other companies I used to recruit for. And SpunkWorthy was born!

99.9% of the guys are genuinely straight and are showing up for their first time ever on camera. Some are nervous; some are natural show-offs. Some of them do one scene and are never heard from again. Others come back for their first hand-job or BJ from a guy... and some push their boundaries by fucking, or even getting fucked by, a guy.

I'm always interested in hearing your feedback, so don't hesitate to drop a line to let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching!