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Some anonymous person out there has been scouting guys for the site. This I found out when Allan sent an application in recently. A buddy of his told him he knew about a way to make some extra cash which Allan had mentioned was getting a little tight.

Allan's a 23 y/o So Cal dude into surfing and doing his part to keep the local girls busy. He'd never even considered doing porn until a month or so earlier. His friends, he admitted, would probably be surprised to hear he was dropping trou' for the world to see.

Leaving nothing to chance, he held off from his normal once-or-twice a day jerk off regimen and saved up for four days. We were just getting through the photo shoot when Allan made a few anxious-sounding mumbles that made me ask what was going on.

"I'm so horny. I just wanna bust this nut," he explained with a laugh.

Once he'd settled on the right porn to finish himself off with and lubed up his cock, Allan got to the task at hand. The build-up was worth leaving a bit extra long in the final cut. Allan's face twisted with intensity as he got closer to the finish line, and with one last deep gasp, let loose a well-earned load onto his stomach.

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